Monday, July 21, 2008

Lots of Stuff...

First Stephen said goodbye to one of his best buddies, everyday for the last 14 years Stephen and his faithfull friend would join together and set out against the world. Well, on July 4th, this all changed. Yes I am talking about his truck. It took its last drive to Carmax. Everything was fine up to Scotts Flat this year and back, and the next day, I guess it just figured that since Stephen took it there to be appraised that is wasn't worth working anymore. Stephen was really upset as were our girls. We all said our goodbyes and a few days later we came home with this;
Yes a new truck, well new to us. It even has a dvd in it wow, my guy is happy again. Yea for me.

I would post more but i have links that I want to use and it won't let me so more later.

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