Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

So Stephen wanted to have a party, and wanted to call if my Birthday Party. That was fine and good, until I realized that turning 30 something was not as fun as it was the first two years. Turning 30, was so much fun!!!! Turning 31, was good too. This year I was surrounded by friends and their families and it was so fun and I had a great time. But, I am NOT turning 30 something. I will be 31, until, I turn 40! I have decided that every number in between the big ones, really don't count. There are so many things that i wanted to be accomplished by 30 something, so I would have the 40's to sit back and enjoy the life I have made for myself. I still have things to do. Like; completing the laundry, keeping things organized and tidy, and last but not least remembering to take out ALL the garbage on Thursday nights. You know all the things "adults" are suppose to do. I guess I have 8 more years to try to perfect all the "imperfections". That should be enough time. I hope.

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