Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aww now I am really jealous

Stephen emailed me these pictures tonight of the girls at a restaurant called Fire and Ice, They had so much fun. Keep in mind that my hubby forgot his camera and he used his cell phone for the pics. Don't my girls look so happy, I am so glad they have such a wonderful daddy. Boy are they lucky, and so am I!

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Raimi said...

Your girls are so cute & what a great hubby you have!

Okay, about those books I mentioned on my blog. Twilight is the first book in the series, followed by New Moon, Eclipse & the one released today is called Breaking Dawn. The author was on one of the mornign shows this week & said her fan base is 7th grade girls & 30 year old Moms -HA I fit the 33 year old Mom group. I have never read any books about vampires but this series has sucked(no pun intended) me in. As soon as I get my books(the 1st 3) back from my sister, you are more than welcome to borrow them. People either loved or hated Twilight. The movie comes to theatres in December, I can't wait for that either. Have a great day!