Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorry for the not so happy post

Well, this morning started out HARD! I was tired and sore and not feeling good, then I got the bad news. Our good friends Steph and Jeff Chapman's dog was hit by a car early in the am on the 26th of Aug. ugh, Steph loves her dog Drake, he is her canine soul mate, it was a tough day for her so I drove up to Auburn to pick her and her offspring up and take her to the ER Vet to see Drake and spend sometime with him.(our boys were workin) The good news is that he will be going home tomorrow! So that is why I felt that the Universe was throwing me a curve ball. Steph had broke her foot the night before, seriously don't kick a Mama when she is down.I am so tired to day and totally worn out. Officially off the crazy meds on to something a little milder.Drake cruisin on Lake Whiskeytown
Drake dressing up at Rollins lake
Jeff Steph and Baby John; who is like 3 now

On another note....Ms. Taryn from GT will be off to San Fran to start college, I personally think she should stay with us here in Rocklin; but that girl has some dreams she wants to make come true....So good luck...I will miss you and all your wonderfulness.

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Raimi said...

It was fun to see you & your girls last night! I hope you afternoon/evening has gotten better!

I hope Taryn has a fabulous time as she heads off to San Fran! She is a great girl & I am sure we will be hearing fabulous things about her! Good luck Taryn! I will miss you!