Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bo Bunny Board Book

So I have had this Board Book for a really long time, and only recently did I pull it out and start playing with it. I am really new to altered stuff, so bare with me, I am learning on how to "embellish" I am really just super plain jane so this is a first for me. The pictures are of my sweet little niece Kaeleana she is so angelic like and fun to take pictures of. I used the Cloud 9 paper, with matching embellishments. It was fun, I think I will try to do the Beach one next.

These books are so popular, take a look at what GT has Look for Sneak Peak
Every week, well (not lately) I will be posting the Sneak Peak at Green Tangerines, so take a look every Friday.

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brandigirl said...

o tam that is so cute...
by the way you've been tagged...check out my blog for the details.