Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School - 1st Grade

Well, today my oldest goose went off the 1st grade, and boy did I cry my eyes out. It was such an emotional day, especially since the teacher, really scared Kelsey while she stood in line for the door to open. Mrs. Weeks, said all eyes on me and well, my gooses eyes tend to wander (she gets that from her dad) and Mrs. Weeks had to walk over to her and tell her that she was talking and that when she was talking, all eyes should be on her. I thought she might cry, but, I may have thought this because I was crying.
We started the day early, so excited to wear our new clothes and shoes. Kelsey picked out the red converse shoes. Don't they look so cute!

Her breakfast request was pancakes with "snow", while she ate we talked about who she was excited to see and who she wasn't! And of course wondering what the other girls shoes looked liked, I am not quite sure were she get this shoe fetish. She has yet to return from school today so I will post all the good info, then. Shelby isn't to thrilled that sister is away for so long during the day, we are having lots of mommy and baby time. I know she isn't my baby but, she is.


Eve said...

Oh my goodness- they are sooo sweet.
The little one with her thumb in her mouth!
Love it,
It was a LONG day for you I am sure- it will get better.....

Berrygirl said...

Wow! I hope that teacher lightens up! Love the shoes! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Email me regarding Stampin Up! anytime! I am going to be at the GT on 8/30, I could bring you a catalog if your interested :o)

brandigirl said...

i also want to hear about the end of their school day...