Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank you

I wanted to start off by saying thanks to all your sweet calls, and emails and post. Everyone of you mean so much to me and I love getting the love from you all. So an update; Yesterday morning Stephen and I went to the Surgery Center at 6:00 and did some paperwork and talked with staff, then off to get my IV, not my favorite part. The Surgery center is so beautiful, Sutter has really done a great job. They have the HUGH comfy chairs you sent in when they ask you all your medical questions and then give you an your IV (something about forgien object stuff in my arm makes me nausea). After the IV, I started to cry - because that is what I do, (on a daily basis) I kissed Stephen good bye, and walked off the the surgery room, this room not so beautiful. I guess that makes sense though.
I lied on the table and started to cry again, not sobbing just a little lip quivering, I told the nurse not to take is personal, I just cry. So they asked a lot of questions about stuff I can't remember but I woke up, wondering where the box of Imaginecse product was and that I needed it to be received. He He the GT Crew will get a kick out of that. Then I wanted to know where my hubby was, and I sure let them know I was is real pain, keep those drugs coming.
So here I lay, on the couch with a laptop not bad. I have been in pain off and on, but I am keeping the pain pills coming. My theory is you recover faster by having the pain gone and sleeping all day for a few days.
A lot of our friends are helping out with the kids and we are so grateful thank you thank you.
The area where Mr. Grumpy Gallbladder was does not hurt of feel like there is a empty feeling, the incisions hurt, especially by my belly button. Shelby has informed me that I can not lift my shirt it makes her tummy hurt. If I had my camera I would take pics, I am sure you are all grateful I don't.
I also wanted to thank, my hubby, mom and all the rest of the family that is pulling together to help us. We love you and feel so appreciative.


denise z. said...

Were you at Roseville? That Surgery Center is GREAT! I remember walking to the surgery room, getting on the table and them getting me a pillow...and then nothing til I was waking up in recovery. LOL! Hope you're not in TOO much pain--remember, pain pills are your FRIENDS right now ;)Take good care and heal quickly!

Eve said...

Sounds like things went well.
You are a tough cookie!
Heal quickly,

Jenn said...

YAY! Glad you are home and feeling "okay". Hope you have a quick recovery!

That is hilarious that you woke up asking anout imaginisce!! HAHA!