Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still on the couch

Today has been a bad day. I have been felling horrible. I think they put holes in my brain and took out some brain matter, I know this post is horrible. It gets better. I had some wonderful visitors today, you know when you meet some people and you have a good time and time goes on and you are still having a good time, and then something happens like you have surgery and you find out what really good people they are. Tonight my friends Liz and Tammy came over; they brought me dinner, desert and Victor. Yes Vodka, here are some pictures.

The little marshmallow pops are brownie bites covered in marshmallow and chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate chips and little bottles of alcohol with instructions on when to use them. This totally made my day. I am so lucky to have friends like this. There girls, made me cards and was given a book to read, along with the yummy brownie bites Tammy and Liz made me pulled pork! YUM, along with coleslaw and buns, I love buns. I know that I had surgery but who's jealous of me know!!!! My wonderful mom also came over today, she seems to think that she isn't very nurturing, well, she is silly because I only feel really good when she is around. I feel safe and taken care off, and feeling that will never go away no matter how old we are. I love you mom.
I am missing the GT Crew a ton, and can't wait to back to work. Thanks for all you lovely messages.
Oh, I received my prize package from The Scarlet Lime today -- OMG, Christy sent me all the new basic grey paper, and new stamp from 7 Gypsies ribbon from MM along with cardstock stickers from MM, yeah. I have to get better soon to use all my new stuff.
I am hoping to get my camera back tomorrow, and I will a happier girl.

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jodega said...

Hi Tami - Hope you're feeling better real soon. Relax while you can. Miss you!! --Jodi