Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meredith is a Wife

My friend from work Meredith, got married last Friday. I haven't seen the pics but I am sure she was an amazingly beautiful bride. I was lucky enough to be invited to her bridal shower a couple of weeks ago and It was so fun. I even won the first game we played...ironically it was "how well you know Meredith". hummm, I have only known her for 6 months, I chalked it up to my VERY good memory and listening skills. My girls were a little shy, but the company was great, there were a few friends from work and I was able to put faces to the names that Meredith talks about.

Meredith is the one not dressed in the "potty paper" wedding gown---that would be Taryn from work.

I love my "work" friends, they are the best, wonderful, most amazingly strong creative women I have met.
Meredith - I love you!!! I hope your special day was wonderful and Brian is a lucky man.


brandigirl said...

how fun i will have to pic swap with you...and i have a pic of "the tiltons" on my blog!

mer said...

thank you! can't wait to share stories and photos... hope we don't make each other cry - teehee! it was amazing. :)

miss you friend!