Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recipe Box with Teresa Collins paper

Here is the box I started yesterday with the new Teresa Collins Bon Appetit line; I love the black and green. I threw in some soft peach that matches some fot he title cards, just to give it a little bit more color. I love this line, and I think I might just make another one in a few days.

I think I might have project burn out two in two days is a lot for me, especially since Stephen is working, and I just bought Eclipse, the thrid book in the Twilight series!!! He He He, Raimi and Eve, bet you can guess what I will be doing tonight!


Jenn said...

Very cute, they turned out great!!!

Raimi said...

Your boxes are so cute! You know I love the new TC lines. The green/ black looks fab!

I know exactly what you are up to! I left something for you, with Mer tonight! She is holding it hostage!

Have fun @ the reunion & good luck shopping!

Eve said...

I LOVE these! You know you should do a class with these at GT. It would be a hit! They would also make good teacher gifts!
I am almost done with BD. It is killing me to get to the end. I want to finish it- but then I know it will be done.
If that is not what Raimi left for you- you can borrow my copy!

kinsey said...

i second what eve should teach this for sure :) awesome work lady!

Eve said...

BTW I think there is another spot open when Debby, Denise, and I scrap on the 30th if you want to join! That is if you are not working.